Quick startup, by using a JVM process running in background

GroovyServ reduces startup time of the JVM for runnning Groovy significantly. It depends on your environments, but in most case, it’s 10 to 20 times faster than regular Groovy.



GroovyServ provides following features:

  • Quick startup of Groovy script (about 10 to 20 times much).
  • Transparent server operation.
    • If a server is not running when a client is invoked, the client runs a server in background.
  • System.in/out/err is available through a socket stream.
  • Trap a call of System.exit() and send the exit status to the client
    • Server process keeps working.
  • Signal handling on a client side.
    • Ctrl-C terminates only a client process.
  • Changes a current working directory as appropriately as possible.
  • Automatic propagation of a CLASSPATH environment variable from a client to a server.
  • Selectable propagation of any environment variables from a client to a server.
  • User commands written by Go programming language.
  • Works on Linux, Mac and even Windows without Cygwin.


GroovyServ is released under the Apache 2.0 License.